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Advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Google, Waze, LinkedIn

Mitoog SMO specializes in precise targeting on all social platforms.
We operate campaigns on various platforms according to the client's needs.


  • Advertising on Google (during Google search)

  • Advertising on YouTube (during YouTube viewing)

  • Advertising on Facebook (while browsing Facebook)

  • Advertising on LinkedIn (accurate job description publication)

  • SMS advertising (short text advertising and mobile site referral)

  • Advertising on Waze (during navigation)

  • E-mail advertising

  • Advertising in news site apps

Advertising on different platforms

Following the client’s objectives, we match the platform with the most appropriate campaign to achieve the goals most effectively.

Facebook campaigns

Advertising on Facebook is the most focused in the world, with millions of users at any moment, thousands of slices according to various parameters that allow us to target the target audience according to demographic parameters, behavior and their browsing characteristics.
Facebook advertising is available to mobile, laptop, and PC users, in various locations on Facebook and Instagram.
The possibilities are numerous and complex, so managing a Facebook campaign requires an in-depth knowledge of Facebook's advertising system.

Advertising on Facebook addresses a large number of purposes:

  • Engagement Increase -  Discourse (Like, Share, Comment) around a topic/status that you upload on a business page
  • Page Growth - A publication that leads target audiences to follow after page updates - Likes
  • Increase in the number of visits - Facebook advertising that encourages users to visit a site/landing page outside of Facebook
  • Increase in the number of subscribers - Leads
  • Increase in the number of users/app downloads
  • Event registration - Increase in the number of guests that will attend an event
Advertising on Facebook

Our best advice:

Give your advertising budget to an experienced company.
The difference between professional and amateur work with the Facebook advertising system the difference between the success and the failure of the campaign, it all depends on the knowledge and the ability to reach the target audience and achieve the goals of the campaign.

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