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Live broadcasts on Facebook & Youtube from mobile studio

For us, live broadcasts are an integral part of the management of a complete social media activity for our clients.
We were broadcasting live on the Internet since 2008, long before Facebook introduced the feature.
Introducing Facebook feature, which allows live broadcasts directly to the page (in 2016) was a quantum leap for live broadcasts and made this content extremely important for promoting social media activity.

Conferences, events and press conferences

To meet our customers' need for extensive use of video on social networks, we have established an advanced video array that gives a response to both live broadcasts and video productions in the Green Room.
Our video array includes a stationary studio and a mobile studio that allows live broadcasts on several platforms simultaneously at any place and at any time.
Our field mobile studio has three cameras - two robotic PTZs, video routing system for external sources up to 4K resolution, inputs, and outputs for connecting guest cameras, VTRs, eight network ports, titles complex, and up to three video/graphics layers and more.
The static studio is a permanent backup to the mobile studio. In case of a mishap, the footage is transferred in real time to the static studio and from there to various networks.
Our clients enjoy free access to the Green Room for video production, interviews, news releases, and more.

Mitoog SMO’s live broadcast studio includes:

  • Live broadcast director (Connected to camera operators in the field)

  • Live broadcast control operator selecting the appropriate shooting angle

  • Live broadcast replay control operator

  • Title sequence (credits) coordinator 

  • Advertisement and sponsorship (a source of funding for the customer) coordinator

  • Number of camera operators in the field/at the conference that broadcast to the studio (including broadcasting through a multicopter)

Live broadcast studio

A live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube is accompanied by:

Playlist creation

Creation of an organized playlist of each conference on both Facebook and YouTube

Statuses toward the broadcast

Statuses toward the broadcast including broadcast scheduling

Site building

The building of the "conference site" with live broadcasting as the main window, conference program, articles, and other information

 Live broadcasts of
Insurance Agents Association of Israel conferences

Using several cameras at different angles and locations, and switching between them;
Adding intro, outro and subtitles according to the design of the entire conference.

Recruiting sponsorships

It is possible to recruit and add sponsorship broadcasts to cover its expenses.
Sponsors will benefit from repeated and accurate exposure to the conference's audience during both live broadcast and video promotion afterward.

Advertising options for sponsors are:

Informational video - broadcasting of a full-length video (up to 2 minutes) throughout the conference during breaks between lectures.
(It is recommended to produce a sponsored video specifically for the conference, which will be appropriate to the target audience of the broadcast).

Broadcast sponsorship slide in transition between lectures throughout the conference.

Permanent sponsorship in subtitles - exposing the sponsor logo in all speakers’ names subtitles during the broadcast.

Sponsorship in subtitles

Burst out sponsorship - A video bursts out for 5 seconds next to the speaker, like in a sports/reality broadcast.
The timing of the bursting out sponsorship is determined during the live broadcast following the stage occurrence and at the discretion of the team in the field.

Burst out sponsorship

Live broadcasts are an integral part of social media activity.

We produce professional and high-quality live broadcasts from our clients' events and conferences, at any time and from any place, and expose every broadcast to the target audience of the client or event.
After each broadcast, our customers receive a detailed report that presents the broadcast achievements, data, and conclusions for the future.

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