Mitoog SMO specializes in the study of mass behavior and its implementation in social media activities.
Our research department was established in 2008, recognizing that understanding the behavior of users is the basis for social media activity, quality, and professionalism. This understanding produces and delivers business results for our customers.

Our research department is engaged in two types of research:

External research

Analysis of competitors' activity on social media

External research allows our clients to learn what their competitors are doing on social media, who their target audiences are, and how their customers behave.

Internal research

Analysis of customer’s activity on social media

A study that analyzes the behavior of users over some time and trends, it is provided to the customer through a monthly report. The research analysis is a tool for generating information for the continuation of the activity.

Market analysis

Mitoog SMO’s Research Department works for you to analyze the market, competitors, and potential customers, identify trends, and improve your activity regularly.
With the help of advanced research systems, we characterize the behavior of the target audience, study its preferences, adjust the message, and sharpen it.

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What’s on the net

Take a look at the videos of the TV segment with Tal Sandroni, owner of Mitoog SMO, that measured social networks` pulse.
What happened on social networks? In Google searches? And what were the leading stories in the media?
All the segments of Tal Sandroni in the program "Here at Six," Channel 1, Israel.

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