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Social media management

In Mitoog SMO, we examine the overall presence of the customer on the Internet.
The variety of existing social platforms responds to different audiences, who consume information differently - for each platform.
Integrated activity on different platforms creates an extensive web presence (which is advantageous to search engines), access to different audiences, and rich and diverse content - therefore we make sure to operate several platforms for each customer.

Management of social media activity includes:

  • Building a marketing and advertising strategy based on extensive research.

  • Adapting and completing the infrastructure of existing social platforms following the changes and innovations in the various platforms, including setting up business pages on new platforms, upgrading of existing pages, landing pages, and more.

  • Adapting the brand story to the language required in each of the social platforms.

  • Writing and designing marketing messages that drive action (special campaigns).

  • Building a mix of messages tailored to different target audiences.

  • Ongoing maintenance and posts’ publishing.

  • Creative campaigns and optimization (texts and designs).

  • Recording and using traditional media appearances (HD TV quality).

  • Reporting and Measurement: Progress report (statistical data) + analysis and improvement (once a month).

Management of social media activty

Each customer's work plan, starting with publications schedule, statuses quantity, and through the content planning, is built with the cooperation and daily contact between our client managers and the customers.

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