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Media research - Shopping

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Best and unsuccessful statuses analysis throughout year/quarter
Posts’ successful words analysis
Successful hashtags and links analysis
Engaging amount of symbols analysis
Status upload timings analysis (days of the week, hours, and frequency)
Statuses type and their effect on the number of engaged users analysis
Analysis of users influencing the engagement (users leading the discourse)
Demographic analysis of the fans and their behavior in the page
Analysis of user comments across the page (if allowed in the page settings)
Video analysis on Facebook pages

Media Research - Facebook Pages:
Media Research – Search Engines:

Search keywords analysis in search engines
Analysis of leading words over the years, identifying and understanding trends

Media Research - Web Browsing:

Number of website visits (comparing five different sites)
Web browsing time analysis
Number of pages visited by each user analysis
Topics that interest users
The way users came to the site
Which external sites forward users to the research sites
What words did the users use in search engines, that brought them to the site
The impact of social media on website visits

The voice on the net - Shopping sites

Tal Sanderoni analyzes what happens on the net and where we like to shop.

So what happens in one second on the net? What are the top iPhone and Android apps? And where do Israelis like to shop? All answers in the video.

Additional researches

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