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Video production in a stationary studio (Green room)

As part of the service package, we offer our customers a professional Green Room for producing branded video clips that are adapted to social media while saving costs and production time.
In our Green Room, you can produce information videos, news releases, interviews, and more for all platforms.

What is a green room? A green Screen? A 3D studio?
Green room allows shooting in a 3D studio. The studio is designed and adapted to each of our clients in order to allow them to produce high quality branded videos for any purpose and on all platforms as part of our digital services.

Our advanced video studio produces 3 products at the same time:
* Video shooting in 16:9 ratio (landscape photography) - in 4K quality using 4 cameras at different angles (3D studio) for publishing content on Facebook and YouTube
* Video shooting in 9:16 ratio (standing) - with a vertical camera, in 4K quality, suitable for stories/reels/TikTok, etc.
* Voice/audio recording for podcasts

The studio is equipped with a professional lighting and sound system, a teleprompter for text reading, a screen for presentation display, as well as the possibility to see the users' questions in a real time and respond them during the broadcast.

The structure of the studio allows filming or broadcasting live: a single presentor, an interview between two people, sitting or standing, informational or branding videos and more.

Are you a person of action?

Take a look at some examples of our Green Room.

The Green Room is a studio with a green screen. Shooting with the green screen in the background allows a lot of editing flexibility, such as adding a selected background to the video, changing the display, advanced video editing, and more.
Recording in the Green Room can be done according to the requirements of the video - for example: sitting or standing, one or two speakers (with or without furniture), and much more.
A recording is done with appropriate lighting, and photo and editing systems.

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